Types of candle wicks

Flat Wicks

Flat wicks can be used with either paraffin wax or soy wax and they are about the most popular of wicks. They burn well and undergo what is called ‘self-trimming’. You can also use them with either container or pillar candles.

Square Wicks

Like the cored wicks, they are mostly braided or knitted, though the square braid wicks are more common. They are slightly bigger than the flat braid wicks. If you use beeswax, then you should work with the square braid wicks.

Cored Wicks

Cored wicks are usually braided or knitted and have an inner core in the wick. This ensures that they are rigid and provide stability while the wax is being poured in the container or mold. Common cored wicks are made of zinc, paper, cotton, or tin. Zinc cored wicks are more common. Such have a kind of wire core that keeps the wick straight so it can burn well. They are very similar to and not to be confused with lead core wicks, which are banned in the USA. Paper core wicks should only be used in making large container candles.

They are usually hotter than the other types when they burn and they also give off smoke.

Hemp Wicks

These wicks are not made of cotton, but with braided fibers of hemp.

They can work with any type of wax and they generally burn hotter than other wick types.

Pre-Waxed Wicks

Just like the name, this type of wicks have been dipped in wax (mostly paraffin wax or beeswax) and so are more rigid than other types of wicks. Anyway, you can only use them to make small container candles.

Pre-tabbed Wicks

Wick tabs are secured to the end of wicks to secure them well to the center of the container. And they are usually sold separately from the wicks. Therefore, pre-tabbed wicks are those that have wick tabs already faster. Using them makes your work a little faster, especially if you want to make a lot of candles.

Wooden Wicks

Wooden wicks are new but are fast gaining popularity. They can only be used to make container candles and that with paraffin or soy wax.

There are two main types: hardwood and softwood (better). They have an exciting feature which is that they make small crackle sounds as they burn just like burning wood.