Types of candle molds

Aluminum Molds

This is the most popular of candle molds. Candles made with aluminum molds have a very smooth surface obtainable in high-quality candle making and the molds do not leave seams on the candles. They are heat resistant and easy to clean. Most come in circular and some in square shapes. This means there is a limit to the different styles you can get. Notwithstanding, they are easy to work with and suitable for beginners.

Metal Molds

These are similar to aluminum molds, offer the same qualities, and are often mistaken as the same. However, they are different. There are more options for metal molds in terms of shapes and sizes and are a bit thicker. They require little maintenance and can be reused for as many times as possible.

Plastic Molds

Plastic molds are affordable and beginners should have no problem using them. However, there are limited choices to be made in terms of shapes and sizes. Also, they do not last as long as some other types of molds.

Silicone Molds

Silicone molds are very flexible as they are made of rubber. There is no need for a releasing agent to remove finished candles; they simply slide out. Silicone molds are available in different sizes and shapes, even irregular ones. The only main disadvantage is that they are expensive.

Polyurethane Molds

They are similar to silicone molds in that they are made of rubber.

They are not as flexible as silicone molds though and finished candles may not come out easily. However, they are cheaper.

Polycarbonate Molds

These are transparent, long-lasting molds that ensure a smooth finish of candles. They come in standard shapes. However, they are expensive.

Glass Molds

These ensure a smooth finish and easy removal. Working with them is like making a container candle. They are cheap and also there are cheap alternatives in empty jars at home. In selecting one though, choose one that is thick and heat-resistant.

Latex Molds

These are flexible molds that ensure easy removal of finished candles.

There are various cool shapes to choose from. Though less popular,

they are very good and can even be used to decorate the candles with different surface designs.

Special Candle Molds

It is not only pillar candles that need molds. There are molds specially designed for specific types of candles like votive candles, tea light candles, floating candles, tapered candles, etc. There are also molds for making wax melts.

Homemade Candle Molds

Materials such as cartons, muffin pans, tins, and so on can be used as molds. But you have to be sure that whatever you are using is heat-resistant, non-flammable, and does not leak.