Fire safety about candle making

Candle wax and candles are flammable and it is very important that safety measures are taken when handling them unless a disaster might ensue.

Below are some fire safety measures you should adopt:

1. Always trim your candle wicks properly before burning. If the flame of a candle goes too high, put it off and trim the wick before relighting it.
2. Very important: keep (burning) candles away from children and pets. Or do the reverse: keep children and pets away from candles.
3. Keep burning candles away from any material that can catch fire.
The list of such items is endless.
4. Only use an appropriate candle holder which is also large enough to catch wax drips. Place it on a flat, heat-resistant surface.
5. Most candle fires happen in the bedroom. By all means, try not to use candles in the bedroom especially if you would not be around throughout to monitor it.
6. This is the 21st century. For modernity, and for your safety, never use candles as an alternative when a power outage occurs. Instead, use battery-powered light sources like flashlights.
7. Do not burn candles near windows, fans, and so on: areas with free-flowing air.
8. Also, always light a candle and set it where it would be easily seen by everyone so that it would not be tripped over. Set it up in an uncluttered space.
9. Stop using a candle once it is two inches tall or less.
10. Always be around to watch your candles. Candles should not be left unwatched.