Candle history introduction

In the distant past, candles were only sources of light. But technology has brought us better, brighter and safer sources of light than candles and the alternatives seem to have pushed candles to the back. However, candles have refused to leave us. That is because they serve another purpose now: decoration. Candles are now only used to decorate our rooms and spaces and there have evolved various types. Most times, fragrance oils are added to candles which make them throw fresh scent to make the room smell (and not just look) nice.

Because candles are now mainly used for decorations, human beings have become creative in candle making and have developed new ways of making candles and of decorating them. Candle making is one of the most creative DIY crafts one would find. New candle making ideas are generated every time and without limit.

I believe you would enjoy our site a lot because of all the pieces of information it has on candle making. Candle making is very broad and even our site cannot capture all there is. As I have mentioned, new ideas are generated often. However, you would find it really useful as it covers a lot on the aspect of candles and candle making.