Basic Candle Making Supplies


Most of the supplies you need for candle making would vary depending on the type of candle you are making. But there are some basic supplies that are necessary for making whatever type of candle you want. Without them, there is no candle. These supplies are the wax, the wick and the container or mold.

1. Wax: This is the most important candle making the supply. The wax holds the wick in place and serves as fuel for the flame. As the candlelight burns, the wax depletes. There are different types of waxes. We have paraffin wax, the cheapest and most common; beeswax, the oldest; and various vegetable waxes such as soy wax, bayberry wax, palm wax, and so on. Some also blend two types of waxes together to get the qualities of both.


2. Wick: The wick supplies light to the candle; it holds the flame. It is an essential part of candle making, just like the wax. There are various types of wicks and most are made of cotton. The size (length and width) of your wick depends on the size of the candle you want to make.


3. Container or Mold: I am taking these two together because they perform similar functions, though in different ways. It is the container and mold that determines the shape of the candle. When using molds, the candle is made in the mold and removed when it hardens to be burned. But that is not so with containers. Candles made in containers are not removed but are burned in the same container. We would learn more about this in later parts of the book.


4. Others: The above are the most important candle making supplies you need. But they are not all. There are different processes involved in candle making and you would need some other tools too. Other supplies you need are:

  • Heat source (such as a stove or hot plate) and a Double Boiler: these are used to melt the wax but this is not the only method. As we would come to learn later, such as a microwave or even a wax melter can be used too.
  • Thermometer: temperature is important to candle making and using the right temperatures ensures that you make good candles. You could get a candy thermometer for this purpose.
  • Additives: there is an aspect dedicated to the different types of candle making additives in the book. But the most basic additives you would need in candle making are candle dyes (to color your candles) and fragrance oils (to scent your candles).
  • Digital Scale: this would be useful for measuring wax and so on.
  • Rubber Spatula: you would need this for stirring the wax but if not, a thermometer works fine too.


5. Cleaning Materials: like any other craft, candle making can get very messy (especially that you are working with wax). Therefore, you need cleaning materials like paper towels, rags, old newspapers and so on.